The provincial organization that coordinates alpine ski racing in New Brunswick.

Promote a lifelong enjoyment of and excellence in ski racing.

Ski NB develops, supports and delivers quality alpine ski racing programs in collaboration with its member clubs. We encourage broad based participation and excellence where participants can achieve personal growth and success in a safe and fair environment.

“We believe in an athlete centered approach which aims for excellence.”

“We value participation for all.”

“We value each member’s contribution, and support an environment that results in a rewarding experience and a sense of accomplishment.”

“We believe and value honesty, integrity, respect and fair play.”

“We value leadership development.”

Our Members
Membership with Ski NB shall be open to all members in good standing of alpine ski clubs operating in the Province and to all members in good standing of alpine ski clubs operating in any other province which have become affiliated with Ski NB and who have agreed to abide by the by-laws, rules and policies of Ski NB and Alpine Canada Alpin as established by the board of directors of Ski NB and by Alpine Canada Alpin from time to time.

Ski NB Board Members
Richard (Dick) Daigle (Poley): President
Gerald Storey (Crabbe): Treasurer
Shane Sutherland (Crabbe): Past President

Janice MacPherson (Poley)
Joffe Theriault (Poley)
Brian Price (Crabbe)
Bruce Wellman (Farlagne)
Christian Duguay (Farlagne)
Paul Levesque (Farlagne)